Yvette Harris Wilson, Venice, CA

“Thermal breast screening is much simpler and more comfortable than painful, invasive mammograms! Dawn is so professional and capable. I highly recommend Thermography Center.”

Carolyn Moore, Los Olivos, CA

“I had such a wonderful experience today with Dawn getting my first thermogram at Thermography Center. It was so easy, relaxing, stress-free, painless and educational. Thank you!”

J.D., Santa Monica, CA

"Due to the risks, I avoided mammograms and opted for thermography instead. Dawn is gentle, nurturing, kind, and well informed. The session was easy and fast. I highly recommend Thermography Center."

Leanne W., Santa Barbara, CA

“I am so pleased that I found the Thermography Center! I have been able to reverse my breast issues and avoid invasive procedures! It is a comfort to know that there are natural, safe remedies that work and that I can rely on.“

Sharon Beatty, Ventura, CA

"I truly appreciate all the time and energy you put into gathering all my health information. I didn't realize how long I was in your office until I was walking out to my car. Thank you for all you have done to help me. Please consider me a grateful client!"

Janet Goldstein, Westwood, CA

"Dawn was wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate! Her prevention suggestions were extremely helpful and I know I am in excellent hands!"

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Thermography can detect early signs of the development of disease in the body such as formation of tumors and breast cancer as well as periodontal and heart disease. Thermal imaging scans performed with experience and expertise can allow you to identify and understand potential health issues today rather than years from now when it can be too late to treat.

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