The Many and Varied Health Benefits of Thermography

There are several benefits to both body and mind that men and women may receive from thermography.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It can reveal to us information about what is happening inside of the body. For example, in certain situations, blood leaves from the superficial region of the face and lips and our appearance becomes pale. This is because the blood in the superficial veins is pulled away from the top layers of the skin and our internal process (the blood movement) is visible from the outside.

Thermography is a thermal screening procedure that shows how our bodies are functioning inside by looking at heat emitted from the skin. It has been used to monitor the health and function of human body parts and systems.

Body Parts and Systems that Benefit from Thermal Screening

Breast screening
• Heart Health
• Lungs
• Teeth
• Thyroid
• Joints
• Circulatory System
• Digestive System
• Immune and lymphatic System
• Endocrine System
• Skeletal System

In thermal scanning, the body’s heat is captured by an infrared camera and converted to colored images, which represent the skin’s temperature variations. The body is very symmetrical, and a thermogram of the body is expected to look the same on both sides as well. Thermographic images are interpreted by radiologists and non-symmetry and other color variations (either hot or cold) not within the normal range of variance and not clinically correlated with the patient’s health history would indicate a region of possible suspicious activity in that part of the body.

Health Condtions "Seen" by Thermographic Scans

Thermography can bring early attention to possible signs of:

• Vein and artery dysfunction
• Developing arthritis
• Tooth infection
• Sinus infection
• Diabetes
• Possible cancer

Other thermography benefits are due to what the test doesn't consist of more than what it does consist of. These thermographic no-radiation screenings are non invasive and pain-free. There is no contact made with the body and nothing is compressed. Thermographers strive to provide a pleasant setting and experience. Thermography is safe. It does not emit any radiation, inject, or introduce any type of foreign substance or implement into your body. The experience is similar to having your picture taken.

Thermography and Emotional Wellness

In addition to these physical benefits there are psychological and emotional benefits associated with thermography. Ideally, the experience with the entire thermography process leaves one feeling empowered from taking responsibility for, and being an active participant in their own healthcare, and for making informed choices. Choosing thermography can cause one to understand their body in a different way or on a different level. This new awareness leads to appreciation and a relationship with self which ultimately has a positive impact on ones overall health and well-being.

Thermography is a screening tool offering many benefits, physical, psychological, and even emotional. It is not meant to diagnose specific conditions or diseases but, it offers the ability to provide an alert to investigate a potential problem at an early stage.

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Thermography can detect early signs of the development of disease in the body such as formation of tumors and breast cancer as well as periodontal and heart disease. Thermal imaging scans performed with experience and expertise can allow you to identify and understand potential health issues today rather than years from now when it can be too late to treat.

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