Products for Women’s Wellness Health Defense Arsenal

A committment to ongoing breast health requires effort and due diligence when it comes to products.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle can be easy if one is equipped with the necessary tools. Here are some of the best products for supporting holistic health and natural beauty.

The glorious dry brush!

Dry brushing increases circulation, assists lymphatic flow and can aid in detoxification. Other benefits include removing dead skin and reducing cellulite. Are you hooked? Dry brushing can be done up to two times a day and always when the skin is completely dry. The best dry brushes are ones with natural fiber preferably vegetable derived. Using a dry brush with an attachable handle will make it easier to brush in hard to reach places. How to dry brush: starting at the feet and moving upwards; always brush towards the heart. Use gentle circular motions gradually moving to long smoother strokes. When finished brushing it usually feels great to take a shower to remove the dead skin. Follow up with hydrating and natural oil, like coconut oil for moisturizing the skin.

Breast oils are great for care and prevention.

For sensitive or tender breasts, overall breast health and breast cancer prevention using breast oil can be highly beneficial. Breast oil blends can be helpful for aiding lymphatic drainage, promoting healthy immune function and protecting breast tissue. Daily use of breast oil after showering is suggested for breast health maintenance. Massaging the armpit and breast region with strokes going towards the direction of the heart is a frequently recommended way to use the oil. Essential oils to look for in breast oil include: Sweet orange and other citrus oils- contains potent anti-cancer properties, Lavender, Frankincense and Marjoram. Base oils to look out for include; castor oil (penetrating and activating qualities), jojoba oil (anti-inflammatory and unclogs pores) and coconut oil (contains disease fighting lauric acid and is anti-microbial).

Rebounders and vibration plates get you into the flow!

Regular use of a rebounder (small trampoline) can help assist lymphatic drainage, boost immune function, improve digestion and increase energy. It’s also a great low-impact workout. Vibration plates are more of an investment but worth it. Excellent for strengthening bones and muscles, vibration plates are beneficial for lymph health, circulation, immune function, hormonal regulation and raising metabolism.

Lose your underwire bra!

Choosing soft-cup bras or bralettes helps promote healthy breasts and lymphatic flow. Going braless when sleeping is also highly recommended for optimum breast health. When choosing a wire-free bra look for natural organic fibers such as organic cotton.

Supplement Profile

Wonderful supplements that you may not know about. Astragalus Root is a super powerful adaptogenic herb that supports immune system function and disease prevention. Astragalus is anti-inflammatory and can actually be effective in preventing or slowing the growth of tumors in the body. Mecuna Pruriens is a bean that helps support nervous system function, lower stress and is an excellent source of the compound L-dopa, which helps support brain function. Sourcing organic or wild crafted supplements is always the best choice.


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