Women’s Health Check Screening

What is the Women’s Health Check?

The Women’s Health Check is a 30 minute non-invasive test of physiology.It is a valuable procedure for alerting you and your healthcare practitioner to changes that can indicate developing pathology and dysfunction. It offers an enhanced focus on women's health, their 'risk level', and an objective grading of a woman's health status. The WHC standardized views are Head/Neck, Special View Thyroid and Carotid, standard Breast, and standard Abdomen.  The reading doctors grade each view individually and specifically for findings such as estrogen dominance, symptoms of adrenal fatigue/insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction and hormonal imbalance. The Head/Neck views that are graded in the WHC include:  sinuses, arteries, dental, thyroid, lymphatic, and autoimmune as well as any indications of inflammation or infection that can affect the immune system.  The WHC includes a Breast Screening which is an integral part a woman’s wholistic health as well as being an early indicator of developing pathology.  The standard Abdomen/Torso screening, included in the WHC, looks specifically for indications of: colon inflammation, IBS, leaky gut, diverticulitis and genitourinary dysfunction.

How does the procedure work?

The quick and easy test starts with a detailed medical history being taken before you partially disrobe for the scanning to be performed.  The 71 point grading of history and symptoms combines with the individually graded thermal findings relating to breast, Ob-Gyn, thyroid, endocrine, visceral and autonomic status to provide a holistic view of the overall health and future risk levels which can be used as part of a preventative health program.

Who is the Procedure For?

All Women can benefit from the Women’s Health Check Screening!  Furthermore, Preventative Thermography Screenings can tell you before your body does!  Functional Health encompasses so many areas that affect women of every age and history, and a wholistic approach supports women in taking control of their current and future health.  The report is easy for a patient to understand with a color-coded slider indication associated risk levels, so both patient and practitioner can take a positive action to improve ‘women’s wellness’ with everything from lifestyle changes to holistic treatment, or even medical intervention when necessary.

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