Holistic Nutrition: The Key to Health and Longevity

Eating well is foundational for maintaining optimum health; as the saying goes, “you are what you eat!”.

Proper nutrition is crucial for not just physical wellbeing but for mental function and emotional stability. Some of the most common report findings that show up in full body Thermography scans relate to issues with digestion or gut health. Our bodies are entirely affected by what we eat. Most holistic doctors will agree that eating healthy is one of the predominate aspects of promoting good health.

Studies show that proper nutrition can help prevent cancer and other diseases as well as promote healthy brain function. Around 95% of serotonin is created in the gastro-intestinal tract leading some scientists to start calling the gut the “second brain.” Eating processed foods, saturated and trans fats, sugar and meat can raise the risk of different types of cancers developing and many other diseases. The long and short of it: diet is vitally important!

One of the main ways to support gut health is by eating predominately raw foods. Raw food is much more nutrient rich and bio-available than cooked or processed foods. It is easier to digest, can help reduce inflammation, and plays a role in supporting healthy function of many different systems in the body, from immune health to hormonal function. When food is heated, important digestive enzymes are negatively affected which leads to a decease in the nutritional value of the food. Raw food is also more quickly digested which helps prevent foods from building up and fermenting in the gut leading to various negative effects.

Another fundamental way to promote nutritional health is by eating a largely anti-inflammatory diet. The powers of maintaining an alkaline diet are numerous. Diseases thrive in acidic environments in the body. Some holistic doctors practicing natural medicine will go so far as to say that when your body has a balanced pH disease cannot develop.

Choose organic over processed foods! Organic food is often more nutrient and vitamin rich. The main and most obvious reason to eat organic is to avoid the harmful and toxic pesticides used on non-organic produce. The EPA has stated that regarding our food the highest pesticide levels are actually found in meat. Reducing meat consumption and eating meat that has been fed an organic diet are effective ways to support holistic health. Research shows that using the right soil for growing organically can greatly increase vitamin and mineral content. So many reasons to go organic!

Supplements can be the missing puzzle piece for balancing health. Regularly holistic doctors will recommend a familiar lineup of supplements and for good reason; they are powerfully affective! Here are some of the most important supplements to consider implementing into your diet. Omega-3 essential fatty acids decrease inflammation in the body, help brain function and can be effective for supporting immune system health. Studies show that around 42% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for overall health. Among many of it’s benefits Vitamin D helps support health bones and can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory property found in turmeric that actually helps increase the body’s innate antioxidant enzymes. Probiotics help balance helpful bacteria in the digestive system. The benefits of taking probiotics are numerous; effecting everything from digestion to mental health. 70-80 percent of the cells that make up the immune system are located in the digestive tract, which shows that gut health really is tied to overall body health. Make sure to source the highest quality supplements; many aren’t as effective due to inferior quality.

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